1. This spring, combine your love of photography and the natural world for a chance to win an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera kit!  Downtown Camera and the Society for Conservation Biology have teamed up to present the Nature and Wildlife Photography Contest. There are three categories you can enter: flora (plants), fauna (animals), and landscape (landscape). Simply head over to the entry site at www.scbtorontophotos.com and submit up to 5 of your favorite photos for the contest, and you could win an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera kit, or one of our great runner up prizes! The contest runs until mid-May, so get those entries in ASAP!


  2. Hey everyone, check out these shots of the all new Sony A6000. The A6000 is the first mirrorless e-mount camera from Sony since they dropped the NEX monicker. The first thing we noticed was how fast the camera is. The Hybrid AF system is incredibly responsive, locking its focus by the time you press the button down.

    The A6000 also has improved resolution, coming in with an 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor. Video shooters will be happy to know that the camera also offers 1080p @ 60fps as well as cinema 24p. Sample shots are coming soon, so stay tuned.


  3. Good afternoon sky-watchers, and photographers alike!  As you may well know, tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse for all Canadians west of Kingston, ON.  Ryan Zimmerman’s photography blog put together an awesome article on how to use respective focal lengths and camera settings to get the best possible shots of the lunar event, so if you feel like getting some snaps tonight, head over to his page and give it a good read through!
    [ Ryan Zimmerman ]


  4. The photograph above was taken in nearly pitch darkness with Sony’s new super low light camera, the A7s.  It’s probably not the most dynamic looking photo you could think of, but considering that it was shot at ISO 409600, the possibilities are pretty mind blowing.  Head over to Sony Alpha Rumors who have extra pics, and a short blurb about the capabilities of the A7s.
    [ Sony Alpha Rumors ]


  5. If you’ve been following recent tech news, you may have heard that Google has bought Boston Dynamics, a robotics company which is pioneering Americas advancements in robot technology. One of Boston Dynamic’s most promising robots is known as Atlas; a 6’2” tall 330 pound humanoid robot, currently designed to climb stairs, drive a car, and manipulate every day objects using an advanced visualization system.

    Atlas “sees” the world in two ways, the first is via three cameras (two act as stereo proximity, while the third is angled at the floor), the second is an advanced Lidar unit on its head, that creates spacial awareness for the robot by emitting lasers, which detect the dimensions of its environment. Check out the Business Insider article below with more details and photos.
    [ Business Insider ]


  6. Canon’s new G1X Mark II has officially hit store shelves.  The large sensor, point and shoot camera has a 5x optical zoom lens which covers the 24-120mm range with an effective f/2.0-3.9 aperture throughout the focal length.  As with most other new cameras, the G1 X Mark II has built in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, allowing you to upload your photos on the go with the Canon CameraWindow app, or controlling your camera with the Canon EOS Remote app, both available for iOS and Android devices.
    [ G1 X Mark II Product Page ]


  7. Hurriyet Daily News is reporting the death of Turkish photographer Kerim Ökten, after being struck by lightening while riding his motorbike.  His coverage of the Gezi protests last year, and subsequent photographs are considered among the best taken of the turmoil.  Our condolences go out to his friends and family, in this time of mourning.
    [ Hurriyet Daily News ]


  8. Are you an aspiring fashion photographer? You may have found that the industry is pretty merciless, especially towards newcomers. Lone Wolf Magazine has recently uploaded a short blog post which outlines some good ways to etch a name for yourself in the business. Basically, if you aren’t following 90% of these instructions, you’ll find yourself getting scooped by the competition, regularly.
    [ Lone Wolf Magazine ]


  9. Did you know that The Guardian (one of the UK’s largest newspapers) has a Google Street View specialist?  Neither did we.  But they do, and they’re putting them to good work; this time around with a pretty cool post of classic album covers overlaid on their Google Street view real-world locations. 

    The list features iconic albums like Oasis’ What’s the Story Morning Glory (pictured), PJ Harvey’s Stories from the Sea, Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and tons more.  If you’re a music lover, or just a fan of urban geography, check out the full article for some other cool examples.
    [ The Guardian ]


  10. Everything Geraldton, the official website for Geraldton, Australia, is reporting that a competitor at a triathlon was struck in the head by a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) owned by videographers documenting the race.  The remote-controlled drone fell from the sky while shooting, and struck the wife of a defending champion, who came in second place at the event. 

    The incident has prompted immediate accusations and finger pointing, primarily at drone operator Warren Abrams, who is being accused of not having the proper certification to remotely pilot a UAV; claims which Abrams has staunchly disputed.  Currently, investigations are ongoing, but it seems that events such as this will encourage legislation worldwide, as aerial drone technology becomes more and more popular.
    [ Everything Geraldton ] [ Story Update ]


  11. Sony has announced an all new full-frame mirrorless FE mount camera, the Sony A7s, and it’s sure to make videographers stop in their tracks (and might even give the recently announced GH4 a good run for its money).  So what’s new with the latest update, and why has it been released only a few months since the A7r? 

    The major difference with the A7s is that it seems to be tailored at two demographics: videographers, and low light shooters.  Those who shoot night street photography, or small-venue concerts without the aid of flash will no doubt be excited at the possibilities of a newly refined 12 megapixel sensor, allowing shots at up to 409,600 ISO, with low-noise and high dynamic range, with the newly implemented S-Log2 gamma allowing for up to 1300% more detail in shadows and highlights. 

    Videographers on the other hand will revel in the new shooting capabilities, including the ability to shoot 4K via an HDMI recording device.  Because of the reduced megapixel count on the sensor, the A7s will also be able to avoid aliasing, moiré and false color artifacts during video recording.  The cameras fast processor also unlocks 120fps shooting at 720p resolution, allowing you to do 5x slow motion recording, when dropped back to 24fps.  Check out the full press release for product pics, and more info on the A7s.
    [ Press Release ]