1. Today’s date features another famous photographer birthday: notorious baby photographer Anne Geddes. With 18 million books and 13 million calendars sold on Amazon, Geddes books have been translated into 23 different languages and have one of the most massive audiences of any photographer. A self described “baby freak”, Geddes began her career at the age of 25 by trying to capture the personality of children using stylized props and fantastic costumes, instead of shooting them dressed in their Sunday best — a notion she found to be unrealistic. In order to keep a fresh supply of babies at her disposal, Geddes stays in touch with multiple birth and twin clubs rather than auditioning children. She shoots in the morning when the babies are well rested and at ease, placing them in the already set up scenes and shoots for about half an hour so that the children don’t get fussy or upset. She invites the parents of the children there to facilitate emotional responses and reactions for her photographs. You can find more of Anne’s work at her website. Anne Geddes turns 56 today.

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