1. Today is the birthday of legendary war photographer David Douglas Duncan.  Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Duncan was fascinated by the outdoors, an interest that would help him quickly earn the rank of eagle scout in the Boy Scouts.  Duncan initially studied archaeology, zoology, Spanish and other subjects before becoming invested in photography and joining up with the university paper as a photographer.  At this point, he had already managed to get some impressive photographs into his catalog, including a photograph he took of John Dillinger attempting to retrieve a suitcase, the contents of which were speculated to be the money from a recent bank robbery where Dillinger had shot a police officer.  Unfortunately, upon delivering the film to the Tucson Citizen, the film was lost and the photographs were never printed.  Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Duncan joined the Marine Corps and was an active war photographer for the remainder of WWII.  Impressed with his work, Life magazine hired him as a staff photographer, and later went to photograph both the Korean War and the Vietnamese War, where he was considered one of the most crucial photographers and where arguably some of his best work was produced.  Being a proponent of Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) when they were starting out, earned him the 200,000th Nikon F model in recognition of his use and popularization of the camera.  You can find more photographs and information about Duncan at this page on the Harry Ransom Center exhibition website courtesy of the University of Texas.

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