1. From my experience, silence allows moments to happen. It allows creation, magic to happen. It allows the unexpected to  come forth.”  - Patrick Rochon

    Patrick Rochon is a Montreal based photographer who specializes in Light Painting.  We recently stumbled upon his latest presentation entitled: Nudes, Eroticism and the Invisible.  For the series, Mr. Rochon uses specially designed light tools, almost akin to light brushes, which he uses to paint his models while they bathe in complete darkness.  All photos are created using one exposure that usually lasts about three minutes, which means that if his hand trembles or flinches, he’ll have to start the process over.

    The current exhibition was devised over a period of three years and was recently unveiled at 6613 St. Andre in Montreal.  Head over to the links enclosed at the end of post to get a look at the full gallery (warning, could be considered NSFW) and Mr. Rochon’s website which has other examples of his light painting in action.  Stay tuned for a interview with Patrick Rochon due to hit our blogs soon!

    "The invisible is where lies all the secrets and the richness. Like the breath, the feelings and the dance we get into when we let go. That is where we connect with the invisible. Two beings united as one." - Patrick Rochon [ Nudes, Eroticism and the Invisible ] [ Patrick Rochon Website ]

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