1. On this day, in 1965, The Beatles played in Shea Stadium in New York City to 60,000 adoring fans, earning an unprecedented $300,000.  The show was played at the height of Beatlemania, and the fans were uproarious, to the extent that security personnel were seen covering their ears from the deafening crowd.  To combat the noise, Vox designed special 100-watt amplifiers which supplemented the stadiums own amplification system.  Regardless, the noise was more than anticipated, and the band struggled to hear each other, and were rumored to be unable to hear themselves. By the end of the show, the band was overcome by the ridiculousness of the event, and began laughing hysterically, while John Lennon began playing the keyboard with his elbows.  The show was a massive success and proved to executives that large scale concerts were not only possible, but were likely to be highly profitable.  As such, the event is widely considered to be the advent of the stadium rock phenomenon.  Click on the link here to watch the video footage of the Beatles performing their hit song “A Hard Day’s Night” at the concert.  [ Shea Stadium Footage ]

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