1. On this day in 1988, Yellowstone National Park in the United States experienced what was then known as “Black Saturday”.  The park had been ravaged by fires all year, with approximately 250 fires taking place between June and August, with up to 95% of the park being burnt in the process.  Out of those 250 fires, Black Saturday was considered the worst, desiccating more than 150 000 acres of land and sending ash across the country.  Because of heavy winds, the flames hopped roads and firelines, racing up to the forest canopy and making flames that were measured at 200 ft high.  Black Saturday ended up causing more damage to Yellowstone National Park than all the other fires combined since the park was established. 

    The fires approaching the Old Faithful tourism complex.

    A fire fighter battles the intense flames on Black Saturday.

    News crews wearing Nomex suits while covering the blazes.

    The Absaroka Mountains surrounded by smoke clouds from the flames.

    A bull elk that had survived the fire wanders the forest after the flames have gone out.

    A year after the fires, quickly growing wild flowers spread over the area until sufficient tree cover was replenished.

    Check out the full wikipedia article here with more details and gorgeous photos of the event. [ Wikipedia ]

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